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                                  Jiangsu Pomlead Ibling Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Jiangsu Pomlead Co., Ltd. The company is committed to be the one-stop wheel solution provider for global customers.


                                  The company cooperates with Francolin, a well-known Engineer in the industry with more than 40 years of R & D and manufacturing experience. Francolin was introduced to engineering early with his father designing and engineering engine parts and propulsion systems for the aerospace industry. He also worked in aerospace as an engineer for 10 years before becoming involved in metal spinning R&D and production for automotive wheels. Taking advanced spinning technology, the company produces and sells two-pieces and three-pieces rims which are used in cars, off-road vehicles and other vehicles.

                                  Relying on the technical strength and professional know how on lightweight forged aluminum wheels & components from the parent company of Pomlead, Ibling can also provide forged aluminum wheels and parts for various commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, aerospace, rail transit and other special fields all over the world.

                                  IBling is the combination of the two words “I “and “Bling” with implied meaning of “Chasing dreams and Shining on the stage”.


                                  We look forward to serving customers around the world through high-quality products, reasonable prices and fast delivery, and to providing unique added value to the development of customers and partners.